Benefits of Using VPN in Cryptocurrency Trading.

Transacting money through the Internet is easy and cryptocurrencies make online transactions even easier.

Using PayPal or any other payment gateways for online transactions is easy.

But the only thing matter is your Privacy.

Yes… payment gateways are using your personal details like E-mail, Address, Your transaction details, and many more.

But in Cryptocurrencies your details are secured through encryption.

Using cryptocurrencies for online transactions is also not 100% sure about keeping your data safe.

But using a good VPN is helpful for you to stay secure in an online world.

So What Is VPN…?

Simply VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

It creates a bridge between you and your internet service provider.

That bridge is covered with tunneling or encryption to protect your internet activities.

If you struggling to understand how actually VPN work then watch below video that may be helpful for you to understand better.

Now I think you understood what actually VPN do to protect your internet activities.

Now dive into how VPN actually helpful in cryptocurrency activities.


Privacy In VPN

These days Privacy Matters, all internet companies looking to use your data for their profit.

At this time cryptocurrencies are on the side of anonymity.

Because in cryptocurrencies all of your transactions are protected by cryptography.

That’s why any third party other than sender or receiver not able to see who sent money to whom exactly.

That doesn’t mean that you’re completely anonymous on the internet.

You’re still traceable by your Internet Service Provider, or Trading websites or any Hacker.

If your Country Competently Banned to deal with cryptocurrencies then you’re in trouble because anyhow they track you.

To get rid of all these hurdles simply you can use VPN service.

As you know already that VPN uses Tunneling and Encryptions to make sure that your privacy cannot be leaked.

And one of awesome thing in VPN is you can surf the internet by any location in the world through their servers.

For example, let’s assume you’re from China and in China, all cryptocurrency activities are banned.

But through VPN you can be able to involve in cryptocurrency activities.

Because through VPN you’re able to change your active location in China to America or any crypto friendly country.

And still, your data protected because of tunneling and encryptions used by VPN.

Awesome isn’t it..? that’s why using VPN is considered as one of good practice on the Internet.


As cryptos becoming popular day by day and more eyeballs looking to steal crypto assets.

Yes… year by year cryptocurrency related hacking attempts and attacks are increasing rapidly.

That’s why you should know about some hacking attacks used by hackers to steal your crypto.

If you’re just a newbie for crypto or you don’t know anything about internet security then there is a higher chance of being a victim of a hacking attack.

Simple solution for protecting you from being a victim of a hacker is to use VPN.

As you already know VPN uses Tunneling and Encryption to make sure your browsing data secure.

In that, Encryption is a powerful method to protect your data than the Tunneling.

An encryption method is useful to protect you from phishing attacks and keeping your browsing data encrypted that’s why any middle man can’t see your browsing data.

Aware From Thees Cryptocurrency Scams

phishing attack.

The good thing is VPN uses both methods but some VPN providers offer encryption method only if you pay them monthly or yearly fee.

If you’re just concern about browsing data or locations then you can use any free VPN services.

Cost Effective.

saving money using VPN

Another good thing about VPN services is they are way cheaper than any antivirus services.

As I told you earlier that a good VPN services cost you for using encryption method or any other extra services they offer.

A good VPN cost anywhere between 2$ to maximum 10$, but another side a good antivirus cost you more than 50$.

But I am not saying that you should use VPN because they are cheaper than antivirus.

What I am saying is to understand the working pattern of both antivirus and VPN, because they have drastic differences in the working pattern.

That’s why use both if you can afford or pick one which is best suitable for you.

Ok, these are some benefits of using VPN in cryptocurrency trading activities.

But before you leave……

One Last Thing…..

Yes, VPN service is powerful and beneficial but it has its own limitations.

If VPN service is using any old method of encryption then that is vulnerable for any type of attacks.

And if you involved in any extreme criminal activities using VPN then your government can extract data from VPN service provider servers.

That’s why always use any good and trusted VPN.

Use technology for good purpose.

If you have any points to add or any suggestions then feel free to mention those in Comments.

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