Easy Ways To Convert Bitcoin or Any Cryptocurrency To Cash

Are you Bitcoin or any Altcoin holder?

And looking for ways and methods to convert your crypto to fiat money?

Or, you just one of crypto enthusiastic whose intention to know more about cryptos and how to convert crypto to cash.

If you’re one of those then you can find some easy and best ways to convert your crypto to cash in this post.

Ok, let’s dive into it…

1. Through Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Through Cryptocurrency Exchanges you can simply convert your cryptocurrency to cash.

Because almost all crypto exchanges can convert Bitcoin to famous fiat options like USD, EUR, GBP.

But most exchanges cannot able to convert crypto to Rupee, Dinar, Ruble or any other currencies because they have only limited options to cash out crypto.

However, you can find out any local exchange on that particular fiat option to cash out your crypto.

Also, most exchanges are not able to convert Altcoins to your desired fiat option.

They only have options like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple sometimes only Bitcoin.

If you’re the holder of any altcoins or tokens other than they offer, then you have to find other ways to cash out your crypto.

But don’t worry below list of exchanges can help you to convert most of the coin to cash.

  1. Coinbase.
  2. Bitfinex.
  3. bitFlyer.
  4. Bitstamp.
  5. BitMex.
  6. Kraken.
  7. Livecoin.

Cryptocurrency exchanges is one of the simple and best method to cash out your crypto.

But, the main drawback is they do not work globally because the cash system varies from country to country.

If you’re one of those who does not like to trade in crypto exchanges or want to trade globally without any verification procedures enforced by the big exchanges.

Then I got another best solution for you.

2. P2P Exchanges.

P2P exchanges mean Peer-To-Peer exchanges, these kinds of exchanges do not share any information, data or asset of traders.

That means there is no central authority to control crypto transactions.

Funny thing is I call them as Person-To-Person exchanges, because if you have crypto or looking to buy one then you can directly contact buyer or sellers through these P2P platforms.

A good thing about these exchanges is you are able to use your crypto to send as shopping gift cards or use them as donations and much more.

Ok, let’s look at some P2P exchanges by detail because there is only handful of them.

I. LocalBitcoins.

LocalBitcoins is a one of popular and best-known P2P exchange.

It is based out of Helsinki, Finland, and operating since 2012.

It’s a semi-anonymous service that focuses on simplicity and privacy, offering in-person, local exchanges of crypto assets and online transfers backed by on-site escrow.

The good thing about them is they display the number of transactions, feedback scores and response times for every user, for safer decisions.

They have buyers and sellers from more than 15,000 cities across 248 countries!.

This platform uses Bitcoin as its base currency and focuses on fiat transactions but supports Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, and Ripple exchanges.

If you want to convert altcoins to fiat, then you must first sell them for bitcoins, then sell the bitcoins for fiat.

Also, they have wide payment options like PayPal or SEPA or direct bank deposits for converting Bitcoins into cash (USD, EUR, INR, JPY, CNY, AUD, Dinar etc) remember all these payment options depend upon buyers and sellers.

But One Thing Is… Make sure about buyer or seller had a good reputation, higher reputation means trustworthy buyer or seller.

If you’re interested in LocalBitcoins to make your first P2P transaction then check out their Website.

II. Paxful.

Paxful is another P2P crypto exchange but this exchange is not as popular as LocalBitcoins.

But this exchange has more than 300 ways to convert your crypto funds!.

That includes some popular ways like Direct Bank transfer, Through Amazon Gift card, or Western Union etc.

This exchange also uses Bitcoin as the base currency, but some traders create offers in Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Digibyte, Dash and other cryptocurrencies.

Also, know that if you want to convert altcoins to fiat, then you must convert them to bitcoins first.

At the time of writing, this exchange satisfied more than 55,000 customers with more than 1,000 offers!.

If you want to get your first P2P experience with Paxful then check out their Website.

III. BitQuick.

BitQuick. P2P Exchange

It is a P2P exchange that uses only Bitcoins to convert fiat.

And it is potentially slower exchange than the other direct sale sites because of the manual purchase verification process, which takes around three hours on average.

With the help of this exchange, you’re able to convert your Bitcoin to fiat only in 3 ways.

The first way is a simple cash deposit to a bank, another is cash deposit to a CO-OP credit union, last way is by using Western Union or Moneygram transfer.

BitQuick served more than 88,000 customers and transacted more than 55,000 Bitcoins.

If you want to use their service to convert your Bitcoins then check out their Website.


HODL HODL. P2P Exchange

With this P2P exchange, you’re able to convert your crypto funds directly through your crypto wallet without any middlemen involved.

This exchange doesn’t hold user funds instead of locking it in multisig escrow which minimizes the possibilities of cryptocurrency theft and reduces trading time.

If you’re not able to understand how this exchange work then checks out below video by them with a real-world example.

I hope you have understood the concept of HODL HODL exchange.

If you’re interested in HODL HODL then you can check out their Website.

Ok, above are some best P2P crypto exchanges those can convert your crypto to fiat easily.

Let’s move on to the next simple way to convert your crypto.

3. Through Cryptocurrency ATMs.

Image taken from

Do you know there are over 1,600 Bitcoin ATMs available in the US alone!.

More than 3,000 cryptocurrency ATM working worldwide.

Yes, it is true fact and these crypto ATM machines not only spreading cryptocurrency awareness to the world also they make cashing out cryptos easily.

With crypto ATMs, you can convert your crypto to fiat easily and the majority of ATMs are only supporting Bitcoins but some ATMs are supporting over 50 cryptocurrencies to make transactions.

These ATMs can work with both hardware and software wallets and another good thing about them is you can use them to send and receive payments from other countries by using public crypto wallet addresses.

Now, look around in your city for crypto ATM if you fund one that’s good and make your first crypto ATM transaction.

If you did not find anyone yet then this Website may helpful for you to find one.

4. Through Cryptocurrency Debit Cards.

Now you can use crypto debit cards to make any fiat transactions worldwide.

Yes.. there are many crypto service providers provides crypto debit card and those cards tied to your crypto holdings to help you to spend your crypto easily.

For example, crypto exchange Coinbase has a Visa Bitcoin debit card which enable you to keep your holding in Bitcoin but you can spend them anywhere that Visa is accepted.

Crypto debit cards are very convenient because you can use them in Stores, To watch movies or you can use them in crypto ATMs etc.

Here is the list of Top Crypto Debit Cards.


Above are the easiest ways to convert your cryptocurrency to cash but that doesn’t mean these are the only way you can convert your crypto.

Also, you can use digital fiat currency like USDT (Tether) by using this digital fiat money you are able to avoid tax liabilities for some time.

These digital fiat currencies are helpful when your massive trader in the crypto world.

If your intention to hold crypto for a long time then you do not worry about any digital fiat currencies.

With digital fiat money, you can convert your crypto to digital fiat money (like USDT) very easily with low transaction fees and you can store them in your crypto wallet.

When you need crypto to trade then you can able to convert your digital fiat holding to crypto easily.

Note digital fiat money price does not fluctuate like cryptocurrencies, for example, USDT always maintaining its value of $1.

Also, digital fiat money reduces your headache of always transferring in fiat currencies to exchanges to buy cryptocurrencies because digital fiat money can be used to buy cryptos later if you want.

And another easy way to convert crypto to cash is by selling your crypto to any Friends or Family member.

But make sure that person is trustworthy to trade because crypto transactions are not reversible.

If you have any suggestions or any points to add then feel free to mention those in comments.

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