How to get started with Blockchain Technology and Career Options in Blockchain.

These years Blockchain is getting more popular because of cryptocurrency booming, and blockchain is not only used in cryptocurrencies, blockchain uses is not only limited to cryptocurrencies anymore.

Blockchain popularity and uses are spreading, now blockchain can be used for storing data, payment and transfer money transfer, monitor supply chains, data sharing, digital voting, tax regulation and compliance, equity trading, managing internet of things networks.

These are all some example how blockchain can be usable in a different industry and different fields.

So wide usage and spreading popularity lead to more opportunities in the blockchain field, also this is new technology so not more people are familiar with this technology.

If you are interested and wants to get into the blockchain field this is a perfect time.

How To Get Into Blockchain Field..?

Ok, now you are motivated and also choose, yes now I am going to find a career in the blockchain before you dive into any field you should have to gain at least some basic knowledge about that field.

As you know how to get a job in a specific field, simple you study in a course and pass exams and go to college and choose a particular course that you interested in or just getting a good salary paying job-related courses, yes this is how actual education system work.

But here it’s totally good if you have any degree on any computer programing related course, that is helpful to you ta take a step ahead to learn about blockchain.

If you do not have any degree or basic education about coding or at least in the financial field, then you should have to learn it from various sources.

Like, learn by reading Books or learn from Blockchain experts, taking courses available on the internet, it is all upon you what path you choose to learn how blockchain works, uses of the blockchain, how you make use of blockchain into your field of work just learn from anywhere that’s it.

Career Options In The Blockchain.

If you have a degree or just you learn by yourself, in this field it is important to show or build your image as the knowledgeable person in the blockchain technology, for example by working with various blockchain experts or contribute in the blockchain development field.

As you know blockchain is one of fastly growing technology, that means a lot of opportunities, so let’s figure out some major career option in the blockchain.

Smart Contract Developer.

If you have the good technical background be a smart contract developer is more suitable for you, Smart Contract is quite similar to Javascript, that is similar to front-end web development. Front-end developer need not know much about the server side code, a Smart Contract developer need not know much about the actual mining, nodes, transaction logic, and implementations.

Smart Contract Developer in blockchain

Blockchain Developer.

Yes, you can make your one path here rather than working with others, that means if you have a depth knowledge about nodes and consensus and can build a bridge between UI and Smart Contracts, if you have a deep knowledge about some of thees areas then you can be a developer in the blockchain.

Developer means not only creating blockchain based coins or tokens, now blockchain developer means more than just creating coins, now it’s about building web applications or even games also including ICO that means you can be your own boss.

Career as a Consultant.

Today many companies across the world would be planning to adopt blockchain technology, also the need people understand it’s use-case and how it’s going to be productive in the future.

People with good business sense would always be the ideal ones for this kind of role, if you have a good business mind and you familiar with blockchain and if you know how to apply blockchain in various fields such as supply chain, identity management, IOT etc, then you can be a Consultant to any suitable blockchain based industry.

Career as a Consultant in blockchain

Blockchain Analyst.

If you have a background of Bussiness Analytics can be a big plus to blockchain companies. Your capabilities to evaluate and analyzing data, creating solutions and understanding of the tech space are valuable tools. Potential jobs include Business Development Director, Project Strategist, Product Manager, Blockchain Solutions Architect, etc.

Cryptocurrency Analyst.

Approximately with $3.2 billion raised by ICOs in 2017 so Cryptocurrency field is getting bigger so they also need a person who knows the technical end and nontechnical end of blockchain technology, that means if you have no technical background then you can be cryptoanalyst in cryptocurrency field, for example here from time to time do see request for Blockchain Engineers to build out custom blockchain applications, etc.

Cryptocurrency Analyst in blockchain

Blockchain Expert.

If you are an Architect, then being a Blockchain Expert should be the next big thing for you. Here, you would have to understand how does the code of different Blockchain networks behave. This role calls for a deep understanding of programming, Blockchain, and cryptography. It also calls for a lot of grit and analytical skills. You would also be able to write your own network, designing its rules and protocols as per the need of your company/team.

Some of these are career options in the blockchain field, Blockchain is still growing technology this means it also has more opportunities from above I tried to cover some of those, a lot more options are their also lot more to come, do not be afraid of Blockchain. It is meant for everybody. Just pick a relevant role.

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