What is ATH Price In Cryptocurrency Trading

ath price

The word ATH means is “All Time High” but in the context of cryptocurrencies, it refers to the highest price milestone that any given coin or token has ever achieved.

One of the main reason for everybody taking about Bitcoin is this ATH Price because when Bitcoin just started in 2008 nobody is familiar with the term Digital or Cryptocurrency, after 2008 to almost 2017 thees cryptocurrencies transactions is limited numbers and transactions are limited to some companies and Dark markets.

But when Bitcoin reaches $1,000 then cryptomarket grab more attention of the normal investors to attract towards cryptomarket, first time Bitcoin reached $1,000 in January 2017.

After Bitcoin reaching $1,000 mark, many of small and some large investors gain the interest on cryptocurrency trading, at that time Bitcoin ATH Price is $1,000 and this is one of the milestones of cryptomarket.

ath price of bitcoin

Reaching $1,000 mark is not only growth of Bitcoin that milestone also helps to grow a crypto community to attract more and more investors and crypto users.

After reaching thousand dollar mark Bitcoin never looks back, also Ethereum and Ripple and many other cryptocurrencies are taken Boom in the market.

In December 2017 Bitcoin price is reached at All-Time High in a market, a price almost went to $19,000 and that time everybody talking and looking at the cryptomarket situations, and at that time Bitcoin became one of the popular cryptocurrency and still, Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency.

That ATH Price situation is gain more people interest in the crypto market.

And all-time highs come and go, as you can imagine. Relatively speaking, Ethereum hit an all-time price high of $1,389 back in January 2018.

All-time high price situations are good for the market to grow and add more investors and Crypto users to the network, and also from ATH price situations is helping to spread awareness and education of cryptocurrencies usage and markets.

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