Top 10 Secure Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways.

If you run an online business and still not using cryptocurrencies as a method of payments?.

Then guess what you’re making a big mistake because now cryptocurrencies are everywhere especially in the online world.

That’s why your competitor can use cryptocurrencies before you do.

If you want to get ahead of your competitor, then you should learn to use cryptocurrencies.

Fear not here are some best cryptocurrency payment gateways can help skyrocket your business.

1. Coinbase Commerce.

coinbase commerce

Coinbase is the largest Bitcoin exchange in the United States also one of the biggest global exchange as well.

They have a payment gateway for merchants called Coinbase Commerce.

If you run Woo commerce or a Shopify then this gateway will help you to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin for free.

Not only WooCommerce and Shopify they also integrated with PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart and few others.

If you’re a developer then you can use their API in your website.

Already 2000+ merchants from worldwide accepting cryptocurrency by Coinbase Commerce.

Interested to join Coinbase Commerce? then here is a website.

2. BitPay.


If you’re the person who does not understands technologies like cryptocurrencies and wanted to use crypto for making more profit?

Then BitPay is a perfect match for you.

Because BitPay is an easy and simple payment gateway to set up and operate.

And, they are the leading Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payment processors since 2011.

The best thing about them is they offer a free cap of $1,000 worth of daily transactions and $10,000 annual transactions before it levies a 1% transaction fee. This makes them an excellent choice for small business and startups.

BitPay support numerous fiat currencies including the U.S. dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, and Chinese Yuan and direct bank deposits.

Another nice feature is the two-factor authentication that helps make accounts even more secure.

BitPay trusted by Microsoft, airBaltic, Newegg, Neteller, Virgin, Shopify, and many Big companies.

There are lots of benefits you can get it from BitPay make a sure watch below video for it.

Join Bitpay Now.

3. CoinGate.


If you want to accept a variety of cryptocurrencies rather than Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum?

Then CoinGate is the best option for you because they support over 50 Altcoins with a 1% processing fee.

CoinGate went live in 2015 and, they currently serving over 4,500 business clients and 80,000 registered users.

They provide integration with WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, WHMCS and many more.

Also, they provide plugins for E-commerce, APIs, and point of sale applications with payment buttons for different platforms such as web, Android, and iOS for various types of business.

Signup for CoinGate.

4. GoCoin.


GoCoin is a boutique Bitcoin payment processor, and they famous for their simple and straightforward API that can use in any website.

They offer payouts in USD and charges a flat 1% fee on all transactions.

GoCoin offers lots of plugins for almost all online shopping platform including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop and many more.

Recently GoCoin completed 5 million transactions of 15000+ merchants.

Register to GoCoin Now.

5. GoUrl.

Gourl logo

If you are just starting your business and you’re wondering how to accept Bitcoin when the business enterprise does not have any bank account.

Then don’t worry GoUrl is the best solution for you.

Because GoURL works with all the major bitcoin wallets and is even compatible with bitcoin debit cards.

Also, GoUrl is an open source project that means it is totally free to join and you don’t need any ID verifications to sign up.

Another great feature about this platform is that it allows merchants to set up 1-click payments on their sites using Monetiser Online.

Their WordPress plugin is considered as one of the top and best bitcoin payment gateway plugin.

The major drawbacks are they don’t offer direct bank transfers, and there fees structure is high when compared to the other payment gateways. GoURL charges a 1.5% fee on all payments made through a website and 3.5% for using Monetiser Online.

You can check out there top integrations, plugins for E-commerce, APIs along with free customer for GoUrl payment integrations.

Join GoUrl.

6. Spectro Coin.

SpectroCoin logo

Spectro Coin is a standard Bitcoin payment gateway for merchants based out of Europe.

One nice feature in Spectro Coin is they don’t require verification to set up an account, so merchants can get it up and running quickly and without much hassle.

Also, they focus on ready to use solutions like E-commerce plugins for VirtueMart, Drupal, OpenCart, ZenCart, Magento, Prestashop and many more, a Bitcoin payment processing APIs and other intigration tools.

Now they support NEM and Dash along with Bitcoin.

Spectro Coin currently operates in these Countries with these Fees Structure.

Check out the Spectro Coin website for more info.

7. CoinPayments.


If you’re looking for low fees crypto payment gateway? then CoinPayment is the best option for you.

CoinPayment is a famous altcoin gateway that accepts over 1,270 altcoins for only 0.50% transactions fee.

It is a Canadian based company offering payment processing services for cryptocurrencies since 2013.

Now they are serving more than the 2,425,000 vendors across 182 different countries.

Also, they have shopping cart plugins for famous E-commerce stores including Shopify, PrestaShop, Drupal Commerce, Woo Commerce, Magento, and Opencart.

Plus, they also provide PoS (point of sale) terminals to accept in-person payments while serving customers at offline stores.

One important feature in CoinPayments is you can add your coin with there coin hosting feature.

Join CoinPayments Now.

8. CoinsBank.


Are you running a completely offline business and want to use cryptocurrencies as a payment?

Then CoinBanks is the best option for you.

You are able to use their instant merchant invoice management app that lets you receive payments in bitcoins.

CoinBank is a UK based Bitcoin payment processor, wallet provider, and exchange established in April 2016.

They provide various fiat currency withdrawal options according to this fee schedule.

Signup for CoinsBank.

9. SpicePay.


If your business completely relays on PayPal?

And you wanted to accept crypto to your PayPal directly then SpicePay is the best option for you.

SpicePay is a Netherland based company which provides crypto payment process in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

Their unique selling feature enables merchants to withdrawal crypto funds in EUR (Euro) or USD (Dollar) via PayPal, SEPA, or Wire transfers.

They charge a flat rate of 1% on all crypto transactions.

Also, they have a Bitcoin wallet service for their customers.

Recently they showing interest to add more crypto options in the future.

SpicePay website.

10. Btcpay.


Btcpay is a self-hosted and fully open-source cryptocurrency payment processor.

I call this payment processor as a decentralized version of BitPay 😊.

Because Btcpay and BitPay look like same one major difference is Btcpay is fully decentralized.

That means Btcpay enable the user to create their own payment gateway using Btcpay server.

Btcpay is for the one who wants to be in control of their own funds and to accept several different cryptocurrencies.

If you’re the one who wants to be on your own, then this payment gateway is best suitable for you.

In this post I am not going to write about Btcpay woking process and their features.

If you wanted to join Btcpay, then make a sure watch below video about how Btcpay works and then take a decision.

Also, you can check out their website for more info.


Above are the popular and secure cryptocurrency payment processors.

But that doesn’t mean they are the only 10 players in crypto space many payment processors do exist in the market.

But in this post, I am trying to give you the best, different and most reliable options.

That’s why I don’t cover major players like, Binance because they have limited options for users.

Also, you can get most benefits like 24X7 and 365 days payment supports, your business gets worldwide customer bases, most importantly you can add your own payment option to business using crypto payment gateways.

Above benefits of cryptocurrency payment gateways will help you to outrank your competitors.

Now tell me your experience using cryptocurrency payment gateways in the comment section.

If you like add any points or have any suggestions feel free to mentions those in comments.

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