Top 10 Revolutionary Blockchain Startups.

Do you think that Blockchain is just usable in cryptocurrencies?

I tell you, your wrong if you think that way.

Blockchain has broader usage than you think. It can change the entire system of many industries.

But the problem is it is just a decade old technology and had a weak popularity among ordinary people yet.

Time passes it gets good and became more popular and upgraded.

After the huge pump in cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is attracting more eyeballs and that’s why now more and more Blockchain based startups coming now.

That’s why Today we are looking at some important Blockchain startups those helps human life become easier.


Augur logo
AUGUR is a decentralized prediction market it is built on Etherium platform.

It was founded in 2014 by Jack Peterson and Joey Krug with support from the Forecast Foundation.

They launched their own token named as REP in 2015.

If you join the platform it gives you abilities to create, bet, and report on events and access to many marketplaces much more.

This prediction market system provides more accurate predictions than the centralized prediction markets because the centralized system is more security vulnerabilities, and can be gamed easily.

Augur work through the incentivized reporting of REP token holders, that means if you’re a REP holder then you are rewarded from the reporting pool. Accurate reporters of market events are rewarded with REP tokens, while inaccurate or dishonest reporters are penalized.

This project has an impressive list of developers, partners, and advisors. It was one of the first projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin.  Peter Thiel, (one of Ethereum’s early backers) are the advisors of Augur.

You can visit their website for more info


storj-io logo is a decentralized cloud storage network, this platform is developing from 2014 but in 2016 Storj Labs officially announced the beta release of its cloud platform, which allows users to store data on a decentralized network.

Do you remember torrents…?

In the early 2000s, torrents became famous to download movies, music, and TV shows – usually illegally – for free and it uses the peer-to-peer network.

This platform works exactly like that but one difference is it does not disclose any user details.

Decentralized cloud storage platforms are different from centralized platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive because this centralized platform has some limitations like occurring of unexpected errors, restrict accessing your files and many privacy issues.

A decentralized project like Storj uses blockchain and peer-to-peer networks to solve these problems. It distributes the files so redundancy is well established. It also guarantees you’re the only one who can access your files.

In 2014 Storj launched their first token sale and raised around 910 BTC, $500,000 worth at that time.

Token called as STORJ it is based on Etherium Blockchain and it had 500 million total supply.

STORJ  tokens are utilized as a payment method on the Storj network. When customers utilize the platform’s services, a portion of the STORJ token revenue is sent to the individual farmers who store the data, compensating them for the contributing their storage space and bandwidth to the network.

If you want more details about this project then you can visit their website

3. TransActive Grid.

TransActive Grid logo
TransActive Grid is a blockchain startup aiming to decentralize renewable energy system.

It is a combination of software and hardware that enables members to buy and sell energy from each other securely and automatically, using smart contracts and the blockchain.

This project launched by LO3 Energy and it is teamed up with Siemens to create a pilot microgrid using blockchain technology.

In 2017 they have connected roughly 40 homes and businesses to a local microgrid on Brooklyn’s rooftops in New York City.

Check out below video it may be helpful for you understand better about TransActive Grid project.

If you want more pieces of information regarding this project then you can visit their Website.

4. Tierion.

Tierion logo
Tierion is a platform for data verification that operates at massive scale.

It was funded in 2015 by Wayne Vaughan, the company has started by making an API and tools to collect data and anchor it in the blockchain.

This platform is helpful to verify large and important documents like property titles and contracts.

Companies in healthcare, insurance, and financial services are trusted with safeguarding huge volumes of critical data. Proving the authenticity of information within these industries is currently expensive, and in many cases impossible.

Tierion solves this problem by creating a proof that links data to a transaction on a blockchain. This is called anchoring. Anyone with this proof can verify the data’s integrity and timestamp without relying on a trusted authority.

They launched Ethereum ERC20 token called TNT and raised $25 million!.

Since launching in 2015, over a thousand companies have used Tierion, including large enterprises like Microsoft, Philips, as well as innovative startups such as Accredible and Tokken.

For more pieces of information, you can check out their Website.

5. LaZooz.

LaZooz logo
LaZooz is like an Uber in blockchain startup, basically, it is offering a ride-sharing facility using blockchain rather than the central server system.

It began in Israel back in 2014.

LaZooz is focusing on introducing peer-to-peer transfers in the ride-sharing industry, which will – in the end – increase the number of people occupying the same ride, rather than splitting them across a multitude of vehicles.

But there is a small twist in this project, here it is all about community, as community members can collectively decide on how the reward by using sophisticated protocols.

Every member’s individual contribution is determined by the community itself.

For distributing reward they use ZOOZ token by LaZooz.

You can check out below video to know about how LaZooz system actually works.

Also, you can visit their website to know more about the project.

6. Ujo Music.

Ujo Music logo
It is a blockchain based music software services company, backed by ConsenSys based on Ethereum.

Ujo works as same as most of the music platforms, but the difference is, it is based on the blockchain.

You can listen to your favorite songs but you can pay for that in Ethereum using MetaMask wallet.

Also, you can able to upload your music too.

They using smart contracts for handling Music copyrights and licensing issues.

In 2015 musician Imogen Heap release her track ‘Tiny Human’ on this platform.

You can get full information about them in this Post.

7. BitGive.

BitGive logo
It is a first nonprofit organization in cryptocurrency, it uses Bitcoin blockchain.

BitGive began its journey in 2013 and soon made its first appearance at the inaugural Inside Bitcoins NYC.

Since then it is running successfully and completed 5 years of journey.

As you know it is an NGO using Bitcoin as a fund for charitable purposes, and they’re using those funds for global environmental and public health causes.

Some BitGives notable charity works are.

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan Children’s Relief Fund Stop Ebola Campaign.

Nepal Team Now Armed with over 640 Cell Phones for Strengthening Health Systems Post Earthquakes.

Supporting Abandoned Mentally Disabled in Mexico.

Building Homes in Brazil’s Favela Communities.

Southeastern USA Tornado Relief Efforts.

If you want to give your crypto deposits to charity then check out their website.

8. Aeternity.

Aeternity started in 2016 by Yanislav Malahov.

It is аn open-source decentralized apps platform utilizing next generation, highly scalable, public blockchain technology.

It’s off-chain Smart contracts use real-world and real-time data by interacting with built-in oracles.

They launched their own coin called Aeternity (AE) in 2017.

Aeternity’s primary goals are to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance, and global scalability and eliminating inefficiencies in the cryptomarket, increasing the scalability of smart contacts and dapps.

If you want to know more about Aeternity? then you can watch their team interview below.

9. Ubitquity.

Ubitquity logo
Ubitquity is a blockchain powered Real Estate bookkeeping platform.

It begins its operations in 2016, it is an American company localized in Delaware.

Property records are recorded in the local municipality and it is also turned into a digital asset and secured on to the blockchain via Ubitquity.

Ubitquity records all the details about the property, like property history, legal documents, etc. These kind of information are publicly accessible and it makes future transfer easier and less costly to research.

You can use their API (Application Programming Interface) to record property data or to see any land history.

10. Follow My Vote.

Imagine next elections in your country and you’re voting from your home with help of your mobile or computer.

Woow isn’t it?

Follow My Vote is an online voting platform using blockchain technology.

This startup can make the dream of voting from your comfort becomes reality.

It is stated on July 4, 2012, by Adam Kaleb Ernest, Nathan Hourt.

This platform allows voters to count and to see the voting process transparently with the help of blockchain.

watch below video that maybe help you to understand better about this platform.

Also, Democracy Earth is another similar and more popular platform than the Follow My Vote and they have their own token called VOTE.

As you know both are have similar work but Democracy Earth has it’s own token to support them and more exposer from TEDx.


Above are some important startups those can make human life easier and better.

These startups can bring change to some particular industries like Ride sharing, Cloud storage, Voting, Better management of real-world data and many other, these industries play a big role in our day to day life that’s why above startups are important.

In the real world, only 10 startups are claiming success ladder out of 100.

And below startups are still on the way of success because blockchain is still a new technology and it takes time to adapt and became popular.

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