SunContract Now Partnership With Coolomat Market.

SunContract and Coolomat Market Partnership Announcement

Coolomat Market and SunContract‘s CEOs light-hearted after signing the partnership contract

SunContract announces its new partnership with Coolomat market, an online groceries marketplace, directly connecting consumers and grocery suppliers on an innovative platform.

Coolomat Market platform is based on blockchain and open-source technologies and unique cooling click & collect pick-up point devices: Coolomats.

Coolomat Market is a direct solution to the problem of the current grocery sales model, which is failing to meet the needs of consumers and suppliers alike. Due to the dominant role of retailers, consumers don’t have a direct access or influence on the supply, they are faced with highly priced convenient foods, and suffer from the lack of clarity about the origin of the food and its distribution. On the other hand, retailers are pushing producers their prices while not taking any of the producers’ risks. Coolomat Market network of cooling click & collect pick-up point devices — Coolomats. It is already proven to be working; Coolomats have been successfully implemented and well accepted in Poland.

SunContract is dedicated to being a leading energy-trading platform that utilizes blockchain technology to create a new business model for buying and selling electricity. The company links independent power producers and consumers to the decentralized energy market platform through SunContract mobile app.

Benefits Of This Partnership

Saving costs through peer-to-peer technology that SunContract and Coolomat Market are using will disrupt both of their industries and offer benefits to supporters of both companies.

Coolomats provide to the end consumers an eco-friendlier and healthier food at a lower price, and better margins for the farmer or producer (supplier) compared to the cooperation model with big retail chains. As the origin of the food is very important to Coolomat Market’s supporters, they might feel even better by knowing that their favorite Coolomats are powered by green energy from solar, wind, hydro and other renewable sources. Members of Coolomat Market community will be able to optimize their electricity costs by buying electricity through SunContract platform directly from the producers and can reach even greater savings and energy independence when installing solar power plant or heating pump.

Supporters and electricity producers on the SunContract platform will be happy to see that “their” green energy is used for another great cause to power Coolomats that enable eco-friendly food producers directly connect with customers seeking fresh, healthy and locally produced food.

This partnership aligns with our core business of connecting customers and producers over a new, innovative online platform, which we want to make as self-sustainable as possible.

It’s no secret that more and more consumers demand transparency about the way food or products are produced and what type of energy is used in the process. By bringing both companies together, a healthier, greener and more energy efficient environment is realized.

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