Russian Hotels to Accept Payment in Bitcoin (BTC), During FIFA World Cup 2018

FIFA worldcup Russia

Are you Football fan..? then here a good news for you, FIFA World Cup 2018 will greet Football Fans all over the world to Pay in Bitcoin for their Hotel Visit at Kaliningrad, which is hosting few events of FIFA World Cup 2018 in its Arena Baltika between June 14th and July 15th. This is the first Mundial to be held in Russia.

Russin Hotels to accepting Bitcoin

FIFA Worldcup will take place at 12 stadiums in 11 Russian cities, out of which 4 are hosted by Kaliningrad. when you visit Kaliningrad during FIFA then you have option Bitcoin payments for accommodation, football and cryptocurrency fanatics have been amazed, in Kaliningrad, most Hotels and Apartments are seeing increasing cryptocurrencies usage in all over the world and also they are expecting guests from 8 different countries, namely, Belgium, Croatia, England, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia, Spain, and Switzerland. so they have associated with several payments providers to assist them in making this initiative successful.

The legal authorities of the Russian Federation are silent about payment methods at the moment; despite this, the newest bill regarding this topic could potentially ensure the legal status of the afore-described endeavor. In that bill, cryptocurrency is identified as “digital money” and described as a medium of exchange in certain occasions, while still not being the payment method recognized on the state level.

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