Police Claim Another Quarter Million Doller Have Been Hacked From Cryptopia.

New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia has lost $16 million worth Ethereum two weeks ago by massive hacking attack.

But recently blockchain data analytics firm Elementus said in a blog post that hackers still have control over Cryptopia.

And hacker managed to siphon off another 1,675 ether tokens, worth approximately $180,000, from 17,000 accounts on the exchange.

However, Inspector Greg Murton, a Detective from Canterbury police claims that the total amount of crypto that was stolen was more than $180,000.

According to Elementus, 5,000 users’ affected by the hack were part of the contingent of traders who had been stolen from in the original attack.

That means that many users seem unaware that the attack had even happened as they had topped up their accounts with more ethereum.

Some users may simply be unaware of the fact that Cryptopia has been hacked. Alternatively, they may be receiving funds from mining pools which are automatically depositing funds into their Cryptopia wallet.

But Cryptopia has yet to make any comment regarding this allegations.

More worrying is the fact that the exchange is supposed to be on lock-down. The exchange’s website is not operational and, on its Twitter account, the firm said that it is currently undergoing maintenance as the police investigate the prior hack.

Allegedly, the police began their investigation on January 16th right after the first hack. According to the Canterbury police department, 250,000 was transferred without authorization.

The fact that the hacker was still able to continue his attack, after more than two weeks, would seem to indicate that Cryptopia has lost total control of its clients’ ethereum wallets.

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