Nousplatform announces incorporation with XTRD

Nousplatform is a financial ecosystem, that consists of on-chain and off-chain modules, that provide technical, auditing and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds or projects based on blockchain technology.

Alex Man who is the CO-Founder and a Managing Director of Nousplatform has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MUO) with XTRD.

Serg Gulko, CTO of XTRD said:

By partnering with XTRD, Nousplatformwill avoid coding for multiple API’s across each exchange in the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem — instead, by coding just once to the XTRD FIX API, Nousplatform will receive an adopted, aggregated, and reliable data feed across all relevant exchanges in a low latency setting. This will empower the decentralized funds’ asset allocation decisions.

With this Memorandum, Nousplatform clients such as investment funds will be able to leverage XTRD’s liquidity aggregation product, XTRD SPA, to ensure that Nousplatform clients have access to the best available execution prices across exchanges and deliver liquidity quickly and rapidly to effectuate fund formation and rebalancing.

Nousplatform is going to be provided with the white-label services for a standalone trading terminal, thereby allowing Nousplatform fund manager participants to leverage XTRD’s infrastructure and software for higher quality execution.

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