Must-Have Browser Extensions For Cryptocurrency Users.

Cryptocurrency users always face issues like hacking and privacy mainly in their PCs.

Majority of crypto traders use PC or Laptops to trading activities.

Here I am not including crypto holders, because I think daily trading helps crypto to grow big and better than just holding cryptos.

If you’re the one just holding cryptos in your mobile wallets that’s completely ok, because, you’re facing lesser problems than traders.

But if you’re the crypto holder and using PC or Laptop for all crypto activities then you should aware of technical issues.

If you’re the trader than your browsers have so many solutions for technical issues you don’t need to install any extra software.

Now almost every browser has Extensions also called as Browser plugins or Addons.

These extensions provide a one-click way to customize your browser like block unwanted adds, filtering out offensive words, etc.

Now we are looking at some extensions as a crypto user you should have in your PC.

Crypto Price Tracker.

As a name shows it is a cryptocurrency price tracker extension for chrome browser.

Believe me, it is the best price tracker extension, if you’re using Chrome browser because, I have already tried many price trackers extensions like Bitcoin Tab, Cryptex, etc, but this extension fulfilled my all requirements.

Because this extension show you more than 50 cryptocurrencies current price.

Also, you can set a reminder if a particular currency price goes high or low with an easy looking interface.

But, this extension is only available in Chrome web store. However, you can get a similar extension if you use other browsers like Mozilla, Safari or Opera.



MetaMask is an awesome extension for Ethereum users because it turns your browser into Ethereum wallet.

A good thing is this extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Brave browsers.

Also, it allows ETH and ERC20 tokens to be sent and received, as well as controlling interactions with DEXs such as Ethfinex Trustless and IDEX.

You can watch below video to understand what are the exact benefits you can get using MetaMask extension.

Badger Wallet.


This wallet is competently for Bitcoin Cash users. Personally, for me, it’s like a MetaMask for BCH users😉.

Badger Wallet allows users to store and send BCH as well as the SLP or
Wormhole tokens that are built upon the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

Also, this extension is available on Chrome and Firefox browsers web store.

Recently Badger Wallet updated and it is now working with the Cash-ID protocol, that means wallet user able to sign in to web pages using their bitcoin cash keys for login credentials. Wallet.

If you’re Bitcoin user and missing Bitcoin wallet extension in the list then here it is. Wallet is a Bitcoin wallet extension for Chrome users provided by

This extension helps you to buy Bitcoin using your Debit card or Bank account.

With this extension, you can send money, shop, and play games or receive funds in seconds and request Bitcoin from any email address.

You’re able to pair this extension with 2-Factor Authentication apps such as Authy and Google Authenticator for secure 2-Factor authentication when sending Bitcoins.



As a name shows, it is a famous AdBlock extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge and Yandex browsers.

Plus, it blocks common third-party tracking systems, spyware, and adware. In addition, it warns you about malicious and phishing websites once you try visiting them.

That means it can protect you from Cryptojacking attacks.

AdGuard can reliably block most of the known crypto-jackers including CoinHive. You can also add some open source filters like NoCoin which will give you an additional layer of protection.


Ok, above are the must-have browser extensions if you’re using PC or Laptop for maintaining all your crypto activity, as well as my personal recommendation because I am using those in my browser.

These extensions only give you little help to maintain crypto activities. Only thing matter is how you use them for your benefits.

Here I have focused more on Chrome browser extensions because it is a most used and popular browser in the world.

If you’re disappointed with me then just go to your favorite browser extension store and search for the related extensions which I recommended above.

If you are not able to get them, then use alternatives but make sure those are legit by checking their websites, user reviews and from their overview page.

Let me know your experience after installing these extensions on your browser in the comment section.

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