Launching Cryptocurrency Brokerage Firm, Indain Exchaige Reduce Crypto Exchainge Fee.

launch Cryptocurrency Brokerage Platform By Toronto Stock Exchange Operator


TMX group, that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canada based stock exchange operator has announced that it will launch cryptocurrency brokerage platform.

TMX is the best know as the operator of Toronto stock exchange, TMX subsidiary Shorcan Digital Currency Network partner with a decentralized financial services provider based out of Toronto Paycase Financial, BMO financial group agreed to provide banking services to Shorcan DCN. the platform would likely launch by Midyear and would allow clit to buy and sell Bitcoin and Etherium.


Indian stock exchange Zebpay reduces crypto transaction fee.

zebpay reduse crypto fees

One of the Indian leading crypto exchange Zebpay is now going to reduce their transactions fee, as they mention Maker fee 0.20% and Taker fee 0.25%, and also Zebpay decrease their minimum deposit Indian ₹ balance ₹10,000 to now ₹5,000,  and this development shows the Indian crypto market growing, and also in Indian crypto market new exchanges are hitting so there is competition and this will encourage people to attract more to words crypto world.

image source: Zebpay blog

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