Cryptocurrencies are the Future by Nvidia CEO

Recently Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang at Jim Carmer, Mad Money TV show, Nvidia has been involved in cryptocurrencies mining recently, a move which its stock option decreases, However, despite the move, the CEO and founder of the company, Jensen Hung doesn’t see the cryptocurrency craze ending any time soon.

Huang and his company involved in many tech-related areas, mainly Nvidia is  now making some high powered Graphics processing units (GPU), Nvidia started to invest in Cryptocurrencies when crypto invest craze is in high for sometimes Wall Street people eventually got tired of it, when crypto craze high also demand for the Nvidia GPU are gone high because of mining demands, for sometimes GPU are limitedly available for Mining.

Now Nvidia is producing high powered GPU it seems that is for mining purposes, but Jensen Huang says they are more concentrating towards Gaming, Graphic, Artificial Intelligence, and Autonomous Cars, these four areas are mainly concerned by Nvidia.

Huang also says Crypto mining is also contributed to their revenue, so he says their GPU largest install base on distributed computer base technology and blockchain requires cryptography and ability to have a public ledger that is completely immutable and perfectly safe and distributed all over the world so their GPU is best for supercomputers distributed so their GPU processors can be widely used in this aspect. He also says that Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain is a fundamental and new form of computing, but their main revenue is from computer graphics field.

Huang noted that even the GPU processors were solely Cryptocurrency mining, they wer not willing to move on it yet. He emphasized that the craze would not be the primary driver for investment in the near future yet for the company. Nvidia is involved in the gaming business and the data center industry. They were also in the Autonomous car driving industry and professional graphics visuals.

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