CoinMarketCap Launches Mobile App is popular for its analysis and statistics about cryptocurrencies, and this is very helpful for the traders to trade on profitable cryptocurrencies.

Since Coinmarketcap launched in 2013, the cryptocurrency space has grown tremendously as cryptocurrencies have cultivated mainstream interest. In this time, Coinmarketcap has also grown significantly.

When Coinmarketcap launched, Coinmarketcap tracking seven cryptocurrencies and only a handful of exchanges and markets with a total market capitalization of approximately $1.6 billion USD.

As of May 1st, 2018, Coinmarketcap tracking over 1600 cryptocurrencies and 200 exchanges with a total market capitalization over $400 billion USD!

On the 5th birthday of Coinmarketcap announce the new IOS mobile app available to download on Appstore, it is easy to manage your crypto price tracking with a mobile app, and Coinmarketcap app is not confirmed availability on Android platform.


Coinmarketcap app

New Logo Design.

coinmarketcap logo

With an App Coinmarketcap also launches its brand new design and also a new logo, and Coinmarketcap giving new and fresh look to their site featuring colors and fonts designed to capture the essence of Coinmarketcap: simplicity and accuracy.

Coinmarketcap added Watchlist feature to quickly and easily access your favorite cryptocurrencies, Coinmarketcap will be adding ways to sync your Watchlist between different devices. To view your Watchlist, simply select it from the main menu.

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