Coinbase Adding ECR20 Support, Binance to Add USD to Crypto Trading Pairs, Bithub Launching Crypto Payment in Physical Stores.

Coinbase Adding ECR20 Support.

One of the world top crypto exchange Coinbase is now listing ECR20 support tokens, till Coinbase only supporting Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash,  Etherium, Litecoins and now Coinbase is adding Eterium ECR20 based tokens, but Coinbase does not mention when they are listing, and which ECR20 tokens are listing, and some guesses are made one of the top token EOS and TRON are going to listing, this means listed tokens get huge business in Coinbase.

Binance to Add USD to Crypto Trading Pairs.

World’s largest crypto exchange Binance is working on adding the USD to Crypto trading pairs, recently Binance operations moved to Malta Europian union-friendly island nation, after moving their operations Hongkong from Malta there is one big possibility to add up fiat-to-crypto trading pairs such as Euro or Usd, this fiat-to-crypto trading pair is also going to help the exchange and also crypto  investors.

Bithub Launching Crypto Payment System in Physical Stores.

One of the largest South Korean crypto exchange Bithub is launching new payment system in over 6000+ physical stores that allow customers pay with cryptocurrencies, for this service Bithub partnership with Korea Pay’s which is running digital payment service and mobile gift cards platform, and Korea pay’s one of the leading and first domestic company to provide mobile gift certificate and solution through more than 400 domestic channels.

CoinSwitch is Now Compatible with KuCoin.

KuCoin exchange is now available to be used on CoinSwitch, CoinSwitch is one of cryptocurrency converting website which converts more than 100cryptocurrency so this helps to KuCoin exchange growth faster, and KuCoin users get this benefits.


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