Chinese Internet Giant Baidu Released their Own Blockchain White Paper.

On September 26, Baidu Blockchain Lab released “Baidu Blockchain White Paper V1.0 ”. This Chain is called “Xuper Chain”, which is totally self-developed by the Chinese internet giant.

The white paper describes the possibility to make commercialization of the Baidu “blockchain-as-a-service” (BaaS).

According to the document, XuperChain Baidu is more effective than the “traditional” blockchain, because its operations do not require a powerful hardware.

Nodes of XuperChain use multi-core parallel calculations, maximizing the work of processors, thereby increasing the network bandwidth.

With the blockchain, Baidu has implemented some applications. Tuteng, which is a picture service platform, can protect pictures’ copyright with blockchain.

Baidu Baike, which is the Wikipedia in China, was also implemented on the chain. All the content edited can be tracked by a super chain, to make sure its authenticity.

The third one is called Baidu Huixue, which is an education certification platform,. With the trust provided by blockchain, users’ trustable CV can be produced automatically by AI.

Baidu representatives also classified a number of directions for the application of the network system:

  • Food quality safety
  • Quality control of products
  • Control of retail trade
  • Manufacturing
  • Financing of supplies
  • Intellectual property
  • Tourism
  • Social networks, etc


With the help of XuperChain Baidu will certify their digital rights, settlements, debts, supply chains, digital assets, and games.

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