Blockchain Technology is a Internet 3.0 Version, says Apolo Ohno.

Apolo Ohno is retired American Short Track Speed Skating competitor and an eight-time medalist (two gold, two silver, four bronze) in the in the Winter Olympic. And now he is co-founder and CEO of HybridBlock, cryptocurrency trading ecosystem that is focusing its initial efforts in Southeast Asia.

Apolo Ohno recently appeared in Fox Business talk about Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies and also promoting HybridBlock, at firstly mentioned Blockchain can be used to distribute risk rather than having failed centralize hub, it is better to have a decentralized and updated hub.

He says Blockchain technology is important for enterprises for data logging, storage, infrastructure and any type of transactional value in any capacity whether storing Id’s, or transparency in a voting system and also Blockchain had more use in daily life. He says the problem is in educating people those who not know technologies more about. and how to understand and utilize blockchain technology and display the blockchain technology in the way that has all potentials we believe in and distribute among the world.

Look this is a next wave, next version of the internet 3.0, and if you wanna have some understanding and how you can participate in some capacity first understand what it is.

He thinks South Korea is significantly more aggressive in their adoption of Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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