Bittrex Launch New Token, G20 Summit.

Bittrex Launch New Token

Bittrex launch new token

Today Bittrex launch new token called as UpToken, and UpToken main purpose is to cryptocurrency transaction made easy and this token mainly helpful to transaction of cryptocurrency in ATM machines, and UpToken plan to launch many more exchanges too.


G20 Summit on Cryptocurrency Regulations.

2108 Thirteenth G20 Summit held in Buenos Aries Argentina, and in this summit cryptocurrencies are treated as Assets, they are not been reguelated as commen currencies, summit state that there are no actual rules and regulations to consider cryptocurrencies as ‘currencies’ insted of that they are considerd as the Assets, summit is trying to keep distance with cryptocurrencies, because in G20 nations theire are no such actual rules and regulations about cryptocurrencies, like Chaina and North Korea are banned Cryptocurrencies, on other hand Japan leagalized, and most of American, Europe, and Asian cuntries are still forming rules on cryptocurrencies, so G20 is considered cryptocurrences as assets and keep distance with crypto world.

and this summit result is reflecting on the crypto market.

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