Bitfinex Wants to Move to Switzerland

World fifth largest crypto exchange Bitfinex wants to relocate their business to Switzerland, Bitfinex is British Virgin Island-based crypto exchange, in terms of volume of trading volume Bitfinex is a fifth largest crypto exchange.

Bitfinex CEO Jean Louis van der Velde confirms to the Swedish newspaper that they want to move to Zug, Switzerland, The Bitfinex Leadership reportedly meet several times with The State Secretarial For International Finance (SIF) and also with the federal councilor.

“We are looking for a new domicile for Bitfinex and parent company iFinex, where we want to merge the operations previously spread over several locations,” said van der Blatt.

Settlement experts in Switzerland who are familiar with the matter say Bitfinix will be spun out of parent company iFinex to move from the British Virgin Island to Switzerland because Bitfinix will be incorporated as Public Limited Company.

Through exchange is also consider London as a possible alternative, but Switzerland is “on the top of jurisdictions” said ven der Velde, continuing that the exchange is ready to work with the regulator to comply;

“We want to be the more transparent of all exchanges and meet the requirements of the Swiss regulator.”


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