Bitcoin Price Will Reach $7,000 – CEO of deVere Group.

Bitcoin is facing Bull run now, cryptocurrency investors and prominent traders keep on wondering what actually led to the increase.

At this time Nigel Green, founder, and CEO of deVere Group has insinuated that the Bitcoin (BTC) price could touch the $7,000 considering the pace at which the digital asset is firing.

He stated the reason for this boom is increasing cryptocurrency adoption in various sectors especially in the finance sector.

It is now widely regarded that cryptocurrencies are inescapably the future of money.

he said.

Therefore, I believe we could realistically see the price of Bitcoin reaching $7,000 over the next few months.

But last year, Nigel said Bitcoin and other top cryptos were moving towards a global breakout due to the fear of missing out (FOMO), the prophesy is beginning to materialize as major banks are looking toward cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology –blockchain.

Nigel, whose deVere Group performs business in over 100 countries with more than $12bn under advisement, believes Bitcoin could go as far as $7,000, pointing that institutions are beginning to realize that “unless they truly embrace crypto” it may be hard for them to compete since their customers are fascinated towards cryptocurrencies.

His firm announced it would be launching its own private bank after confirming it received investment banking license, is among the advisors who understand that Bitcoin price could surge beyond comprehension.

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