BitBounce Announces Cryptocurrency Exchange, Binance Announces Fiat-Crypto Trading Pairs.

Credoex dashboard

BitBounce is a platform that aims to put an end to spam emails. is launching a new cryptocurrency exchange platform called CredoEx for token holders to exchange their Credo. CredoEx will begin with Credo to Ether pairing but additional cryptocurrencies and national currencies will be added in the future based on demand, the company said.

Credo initial coin offering is started in September 2017 and raised more than US$11 million through ICO, according to Credo is listed on Tidex and OTCBTC. By launching its very own exchange, BitBounce will no longer have to bear the exorbitant fees cryptocurrency trading platforms often charge startups to get their token listed.

The CredoEx cryptocurrency exchange, which is set to go live on May 1, will allow enterprises to more easily purchase Credo tokens and perform incentivized email marketing campaigns. The company said it has already been approached by several organizations for the service.

Binance Announces Fiat-Crypto Trading Pairs.

Binance after moving to Malta, Binance says it’s working on fiat-to-crypto features that could have a major impact on the market’s reliance on Bitcoin. the company says it’s talking with banks on the small island nation and expects to close a deal that will allow it to accept fiat deposits and withdrawals.

It’s not clear whether the new features will be implemented on or if they will be revealed on an entirely new platform.

Now every coin eager to gain its own USD trading pair. now the cryptocurrency community has long relied on Bitcoin as the main gateway to enter the market.

In a separate announcement, Binance said it’s also building a decentralized exchange that could be released this year.

Image Source: CredoEx Dashboard
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