Binance Listing New Coin, Bittrex to Remove Over 80 Alt Coins.

Binance Listing New Coin.

Binance New Listing

One of the world Biggest crypto exchange is announced its new coin listing today, coin name is NEM (XEM), NEM, XEM/BNB, XEM/BTC, and XEM/ETH trading pairs are available now on Binance. NEM(XEM) launched on March 31st, 2015, In the earlier of this year 26 January Japanese Exchange Coincheck hacked and it loss 523 million NEM coins. NEM Developing team is refuse to conduct hard fork, Instead NEM creating an automated tagging system. This automated system and tag any account that receives tainted money.



Bittrex to Remove Over 80 Alt Coins.

On the other hand, one of the largest altcoin exchange Bittrex is removing 82 alt coins from the exchange, Bittrex is top altcoin exchange Especially after Poloniex started to suffer from the massive degrade performance, in a  past few months Bittrex added several dozens of altcoins, so it became altcoins paradise.

As a resulte now Bittrex removing 82 altcoins from the exchange by March 30, and it includes some of the surprising names like FC2, GEMZ, and METAL, main reason behind this, none of the 82 coins are performing as expected, and few coins no longer have a working blockchain, this means user not able to receive outstanding balance from Bitrrex, list contains 26 currencies suffering from some kind of Blockchain issue, which also make one wonder  weather or not the Bitrrex team made the right call in adding them in the first place, the ugly truth is 99% of altcoins will never serve real porpuse and shouldn’t even be listed on any exchaiges in first place.

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